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Antique furniture

Restoring Antique Furniture
Is the mainstream of our business

Created throughout the turbulence of history, witnesses to wars and peace,
Guardians of family secrets, letters of passion or precious possessions.
Survivors of neglect, careless transportation or just old age - they are part of our lives today, bringing grace and refinement to our busy modern reality.
We are privileged to have devoted years of our working experience to preserve and protect antiques for generations to come.
In a nutshell, there is nothing we would not do to return an antique piece of furniture to its original, glorious state.
The list is so long, it is difficult to mention what we offer as service to our clients and their antique pieces, just to mention a few:

  • All breaks, cracks and wood damage
  • Fine joinery
  • Veneer, inlay and marquetry
  • Ivory, ebony, tortoise shell and brass inlays
  • Damage from fire, water, sun and age
  • Infestations by insects(woodborer), dry rot and mould
  • Unsightly alterations and cruel repairs
  • Restoration of all finishes

(french polish, bees wax finish, lacquer, Duco, gilding...etc.)

  • Restoration of extensive damage and disintegration

We examine, research, understand and love all pieces that enter our restorers' world and give them all our passion and integrity, bowing to the old craftsmen that created them and the history they represent.

See examples of our recent projects


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