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Antique furniture

Biedermeier Secrétaire à Abattant c.1830 in Flame Mahogany

This piece is a fine example of the Biedermeier style, featuring a great selection of veneers and brilliant craftsmanship.
Restoration included veneer replacement, wood borer treatment and complete french polishing.

Victorian Mahogany Bowfront Chest of drawers, c.1860

The piece in very bad state of neglect, finish completely deteriorated, loss and damage to veneers.
Restoration included replacement of missing veneers, re-gluing cracks on the top, deep cleaning and french polishing.

Victorian Walnut Armchair, c.1860

The armchair was damaged by a negligent upholsterer shooting staples deeply into the wood of the side arm.
We removed the staples and grafted a matching piece into the damaged area, then touched-up and polished to match the rest of the chair.

Georgian Oak Bureau, c.1730

An early, solid and practical piece. Had a front right leg broken during transportation. Wood shrinking due to old age and previous restoration caused numerous problems - drawers not closing completely, large gaps on the inside of all the drawers, all supports loose and deformed, back broken and ill fitting, galleries and small drawers loose and warped. There are ink stains and ware to the finish.
Restoration included repairs to the structure, exrentions build up to the back to accomodate the depth od the drawers, all drawers bases extended to the end, back re-glued and a piece added. Clean up and refinishing with bees wax.

Victorian Mahogany Dressing table, c. 1880

This lovely solid mahogany dressing table arrived in a box of loose pieces.
Complete rebuilding and replacement of missing pieces, cleaning and french polishing brought it back to life.


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