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String music instruments

Musical Instruments

The mystery of string musical instruments restoration

Dimitar's passion for restoration of string musical instruments started in his early years as a student in the Bulgarian Academy of Music. The academic subjects were not enough; he wanted to know more about the build-up, acoustics, restoration and sound improvement of the instruments. He approached the Bulgarian Guild of Violin Makers, successfully completed his apprenticeship and became a full member in 1988. Performing as a cellist in Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra and working on his colleagues' musical instruments in his workshop became his everyday life. Rebuilding, restoring, adjusting, and improving the sound quality of hundreds of instruments until today. After moving to Bophuthatswana (as a principal cellist in the National Chamber Orchestra), then to Zimbabwe (teaching in the Royal College of Music), and finally to South Africa (as a co-principal in the National Symphony Orchestra) the workshop always travelled with him. Helping professionals and students to bring the best out of their instruments. During his travels around the world, through his clients and his personal collection Dimitar gathered a vast experience in identification, evaluation and restoration of all the instruments from the String family. His expertise is sought after by some of the leading Auction houses and dealers in South Africa.

Violins, Violas, Cellos
and their Bows

Complete restoration of all string musical instruments and
their bows

  • Cracks and breaks
  • Damaged finishes
  • Structural Damage

(Replacement, repair or readjustment of neck, pegs, bass bar, sound post, bridge, strings, tailpiece, fingerboard etc.)

  • Sound improvement
  • Restoration of bows, rehair and refinishing

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We offer regular maintainence plans on all instruments restored by us.


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